The Infinity Embassy
The Infinity Embassy Marvel Comics
Name: The Infinity Embassy
Origin: Marvel Comics
Creator: The Living Tribunal
Size: Bigger than the sun
Inhabitant(s): Variable (Mostly Magistrati)
Environment: Alien Type
Location Type: Space


The Living Tribunal himself had constructed The Infinite Embassy it is different but similar to the Star Chamber, which this place is a robotic version of his face without the given covers, this location is strictly for the purpose of giving entities that are beyond the comprehension of mere mortals a safe haven and neutral ground to discuss the current events and such under the Omniscient eyes of The Magistrati, which is their job to tend to the Embassy for their creator as mentioned their mere existence is to keep the order and to keep fights between the different fractions who meet there on a daily basis from occurring, a very serious law has been put in place to maintain order and neutrality in the Embassy: Everyone must come in peace. and anyone who dares break this law runs the risk of having their absolute existence privileges revoked by The Living Tribunal himself.

Powers and Abilities

It gives the living tribunal power over the individuals who enter this location. It also seems to be a Omnipresent location able to exist in every reality simultaneously so that way any cosmic entity of any reality may attend making it Omniversal in range.

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