Time Manipulation
Time Manipulation
Whis is able to reverse earths destruction but lasts 3 minutes.
Power/Ability to: manipulate time.


  • Time Warping
  • Time Travel
  • Time Changing
  • Chronokinesis


Users can affect time itself either the user is born with it or is either learned or earned it some how and can sometimes affect time with objects and or certain amount of requirements.


Similar Powers


  • Basic Tier: Users can affect time for a short time (seconds or minutes.) or need a certain pose or object to manipulate time.
  • Low Tier: Users can affect time on a planet or multi-planet scale.
  • Mid Tier: Users can affect time on a solar system or Galactic scale.
  • High Tier: Users can affect time on a universe or multi-universe scale.
  • Extreme High Tier: Users can affect time on a multiverse or above scale.


Known Users



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