Toon Force
Toon Force
Bugs Bunny bending reality to his own whim.
Power/Ability to: make reality cartooning.


  • Toon reality
  • Toon Force reality
  • Toon reality manipulation
  • High level reality warping


Users of this power has the High level version of Reality Warping with this the user is utterly breaking logic and can even break the fourth wall without trying.


Similar Powers


  • Users who erase themselves can't be brought back without help from an outside force aka the Artists.
  • Users can not kill others this is a major flaw within the powers they wield.
  • Users of a higher reality warping abilities can outmatch and kill a Toon Force User.
  • Users who use Toon force are meant for Comedic Purposes and anything they do or say is just part of their character.

Known Users



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