Ultimate Nullifier
Ultimate Nullifier Weapon Marvel Comics
Name: Ultimate Nullifier
Origin: Marvel Comics
Classification(s): Bomb
Creator: Galactus
Wielder(s): Uatu the Watcher

Doop Titus
Wendell Vaughn
Reed Richards

Destructive Capacity: Universe Level

Multiverse Level

Range: Universe Level

Multiverse Level


The Ultimate Nullifier has the ability and power to completely and utterly eliminate any target the wielder chooses but to cause this it has to go through violation of the law of conservation of mass itself, the weapon is used based on the wielder's mind. In this case a being like Galactus who is Nigh-Omniscient can use the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy entire time-lines from beginning to end and instantly nullify it while also paradoxically can recreate something it destroyed and this can be from a universe to a multiverse while creating a new time-line in a alternate universe causing a new existing event.


  • Ultimate Nullifier only destroys only objects that are "Completely Understood" by the potential user and it will destroy the user as well.
  • Ultimate Nullifier is like a device with batteries which means it needs to charge.

Powers and Abilities

  • Destructive Dominion
  • Energy Destruction
  • Mass Destruction
  • Matter Destruction
  • Total Event Collapse
  • Nothingness Manipulation
  • Multiverse creation
    • Timeline Destruction
    • Timeline Creation
    • Universe creation
  • Re-creation

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