Vahlok The Elder Scrolls
Name: Vahlok
Origin: The Elder Scrolls
Gender: Male
Classification: Undead (Formerly Human)
Age: 1,000+ years old
Strength Lifting: Human Level
Striking Strength: Multi-Wall+ Level (Base)
Speed: Human Level (Prime)

Below Human (Corpse)

Destructive Capacity: Multi-Mountain Level
Intelligence: High Average Level
Range: Island Level
Stamina: Supernatural (Prime)

Infinite (Corpse)


Vahlok unlike Miraak was still a mortal man and died of old age at one point before he could fulfill his duty to stop Miraak but within the Elder Scroll universe his soul is able to live on beyond the Oblivion (The Elder Scrolls) but he still has his limits with Magic instead of Stamina.


Powers and Abilities

Signature Move

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