Void Embodiment
Void Embodiment
Pralaya is the embodiment of nothingness.
Power/Ability to: be the embodiment of the void.


  • Void Concept
  • Void Incarnation
  • Void Manifestation
  • Void Personification
  • Void Realization
  • Void Avatar
  • Void Actualization
  • Void Materialization
  • Nothingness Concept
  • Nothingness Incarnation
  • Nothingness Manifestation
  • Nothingness Personification
  • Nothingness Realization
  • Nothingness Avatar
  • Nothingness Actualization
  • Nothingness Materialization


Users are the physical embodiment of the void which is a state of ceasing to exist, and concept of Nothingness which is the state of emptiness they are the very thing that waits for existence to cease so they can be at a moment complete.


Similar Powers


  • Users can't use their power without nothingness existing.
  • Users aren't immune to those who are the Embodiment of Death.
  • Users may be below those who embody the Big Bang.

Known Users



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