Walkers Marvel Comics
Name: Walkers
Aliases: The Walkers
Identity: Secret Identity
Base of Operations: Undefined Dimension
Universe: Undefined Dimension
Age: Unknown
Body Type: Humanoid
Gender: Genderless
Height: Unknown; Big as a planet
Weight: Unknown
Hair: None
Limbs: 4
Fingers: 5
Toes: None
Known Members: Undefined Members
Origin: Unknown
Creator(s): Unknown
First Appearance Last Appearance
Avengers: Infinity No.2 (2000)

(1st Appearance)

Avengers: Infinity No.4 (2000)

(Last Appearance)


The Walkers were planet size humanoid automations that hailed from an unidentified dimension outside of the Earth-616 Universe. They were sent by their masters the Infinites on a mission that was never fully explained, however, they were tasked with turning planets into handles that were to be used by the Infinites to carry away entire galaxies.

Their mission brought them into direct conflict with Quarsar and a group of cosmic Avengers, which included the Jack of Hearts, Thor Odinson, Photon, Moondragon, Tigra and Starfox.

One of the Walkers were infiltrated by the Avengers, who were trying to find a weakness that could be exploited to take down these universal interlopers, although, the Walkers were not defenseless to this form of internal attack, their bodies created Servitors that responded much like the white blood cells of the humans of Earth. If a Servitor was severed, the severed pieces would form new Servitors. The servitors were also able to function outside of the Walkers bodies as well, they were used to bore into a planet's core and convert the raw materials so that they could be molded. It is unknown if the Walker will ever be seen again.[1][2][3]


Walkers are robotic entities that main purpose is to serve and obey their enigmatic creators they have destroyed Planets and Galaxies without full awareness of their actions proving how emotionless these beings are since they are programmed to listen to whatever they are commanded to do.


Walkers are planet sized humanoid like robotic entities who appears to be a whitish yellow with armored bodies who eyes are solid yellow and with this they are basically like any humanoid beings with five fingers,four human like limbs, with armored up feet with no visible toes.


The Walkers main purpose was to serve and listen to their masters the Infinites and as all beings within the Multiverse they possibly are below The Living Tribunal and Eternity in terms of Power.

Power and Abilities

The Walkers powers and abilities are unknown other than that they are capable of destroying and molding planets into handles for their masters who can carry entire galaxies and somewhat can create other beings within themselves such as the Servitors.


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